Voice Technologies

Voice communications systems are essential to all organizations. As with all other technologies, these systems are becoming both increasingly cost-effective and complex. Todays executive is faced with new opportunities to process information provided via the telephone. Automatic Call Distributors (ACD), voice mail, integrated voice response, campus-wide systems, private networking, and PBX-computer integration increase productivity, yet make it difficult for executives to identify the optimal systems for their unique environment. The evolution of transmitting voice over IP (VoIP) creates a new set of variables that must be factored into your long-term technology strategy.

Even experienced voice system administrators can select systems that do not meet maximum cost effectiveness and are not optimal for end-user needs. Corporate downsizing can leave gaps in a corporations ability to properly design and implement new systems internally. WTCIs consultants analyze clients needs, prepare requests for proposals, review vendor responses, and assist with the selection of the most cost-effective systems that satisfy clients needs.

Call center technologies and management has been identified as critical strategic issues for organizations as they move into the next century. The service economy demands a high level of telephone-based support. Organizations that recognize this and employ the most efficient technologies and management practices will be positioned to offer enhanced services at the most cost-effective rates. Call center technologies and management software are constantly improving while at the same time customer demands for faster response have forced many organizations to consider their upgrading their facilities, management, and training.

The planning stage is the most critical portion in the implementation of a call center. WTCIs experience in assisting a major airline and a Regional Bell Operating Company with these types of projects have given us great insight into the pros and cons of available systems. The most important selection criteria for call centers are those that center on each organizations specific application of the system. No system brings the perfect solution, making it important to understand abilities and limitations.

WTCI has developed management practices that have been employed with great success by 38 telephone company call center offices. Customized practices that reduce personnel requirements have also been developed.

WTCI has over 10 years of experience with ACDs and Force Management software and provide assistance from initial design through implementation and training.

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