Strategic Planning

Communications Strategic Planning
Communications strategic planning ensures that your communications systems will contribute to achieving business goals in addition to serving as a cost-effective tool. In todays communications dependant world, managing voice and data networks is increasingly essential to the day-to-day conduct of business.

At WTCI, our planning consultants formulate long-range voice, data, and video plans for clients in order to increase competitive advantages and operating efficiency. Our clients benefit highly from consultants who are experienced in the solicitation and evaluation of end-user requirements pertaining to goals/objectives and will receive recommendations for long-term strategies and specific actions to enhance technical operation and management efficiencies.

Network Disaster Recovery Planning
Communications services are key to company operations, but are often overlooked in disaster and business recovery planning. Fire, flood, network failures and other disasters can cripple communications; business continuity is risked if communications among key locations, outside suppliers, and customers are severed. Organizations cannot assume that telephone company networks have adequate backup redundancy. A disaster recovery plan must focus on communications equipment and services as well as data processing hardware and applications.

At WTCI, our consultants have developed a Network Contingency Planning Methodology to assist our clients with disaster recovery planning. This methodology is designed with the goals of identifying business exposures inherent in network operations and developing a system of controls to counter these vulnerabilities. We emphasize business recovery, not just systems.

Additional Benefits:

  • Analysis of network vulnerabilities resulting from single points of failure

  • Assessment of business impact from data and voice network failure conditions.

  • Analysis of recovery strategies to sustain acceptable business activity level.

  • Development of contingency plans that document all network procedures to minimize the duration of network outages and restore critical applications.

Strategic Planning
Communications Strategic Planning
Network Disaster Recovery Planning

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