Radio / Satellite

We have designed 802.11n networks in over 600 buildings (over 13,000,000 square feet).

We now provide services related to in-building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for cellular telephone improvements.

WTCI can design and assist in the procurement of wireless technologies and oversee their integration into your existing infrastructure.

Microwave radio is a viable and cost-effective means of connecting locations in the same metropolitan area and can provide substantial cost savings by avoiding excessive telephone company charges. This mature technology has been successfully implemented by engineering-oriented companies in the past and is finding greater acceptance throughout the business world. These systems are becoming popular for LAN extension as well as a cost-effective means for video and voice communications transmission.

WTCI has experience has experience in the design specifications and implementation of microwave radio systems and can assist organizations in installing a system that is cost-effective and on time. By consulting with WTCI, clients eliminate the need to hire an FTE engineer to perform system design and implementation, are provided with an independent analysis of vendor design proposals, and are ensured the proposed system will work prior to the commitment to the system. Clients are also assisted with understanding Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations pertaining to system design, implementation, licensing, operation, and are provided with vendor management.

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Radio / Satellite
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