Data Technologies

The industry surrounding data technology systems is changing rapidly leaving many users lost an ever-widening array of products and services. The increased speed associated with giga-bit networks offers the opportunity to provide expanded services to end users. The high-speed capabilities of todays data networks support:

  • Traditional Data services (file/print/transfer)

  • VoIP

  • Video

The enhanced services also require enhanced management. Our consultants can aid your organization in the design and selection of the cabling infrastructure, data equipment, ancillary services equipment (video/voice), and management software.

WTCIs network consultants aid in the selecting of LAN hardware/software and ensure that building wiring is adequate to support the network. WTCI is dedicated to following the LAN industry and its technologies enabling us to develop LAN designs and implementation plans tailored to the clients requirements and scalable to grow as their needs evolve.

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Data Technologies
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Voice Technologies
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