Mr. Walczak has extensive experience in communications technology strategic planning, design and implementation management.  By focusing on opportunities to implement technology to provide cost-effective solutions to business challenges, Mr. Walczak has developed advanced technical skills in voice, radio (wireless), local and wide area networks and video technologies.  As a consultant to end-users, Mr. Walczak has successfully implemented multi-million dollar communications networks and premises equipment configurations.  As a consultant to the vendor community, Mr. Walczak has provided technology market assessments to wide area network equipment providers, assisted Regional Bell Operating Companies with internal management techniques designed to improve customer satisfaction, and provided technology engineering services.  He is an active member of EDUCAUSE, ACUTA, BICSI and CSI and participates in two graduate level programs at Carnegie Mellon University as a lecturer and advisor.

Prior to creating Walczak Technology Consultants, Inc., Mr. Walczak was a Senior Manager and Operations Director for Ernst & Young’s Telecommunications Consulting practice located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  This practice supported 10 professionals serving financial, education, government, health care, and utility clients in all aspects of communications systems.

Executive Management Assistance

Assisted H.J. Heinz, Calgon Corporation, Forbes Health System, Westminster College, the County of Butler, the City of Virginia Beach, the City of Charlotte and the County of Wake, North Carolina with strategic and tactical planning for all aspects of information flow including voice, data, video, and radio communications. The strategic planning engagements included assessments of current technologies and networks as well as current organizational structures and policies.  In concurrence with the strategic planning, provided organizational reviews and recommendations that supported the resulting strategies.  Identified initiatives that saved millions of dollars in needless expenditures for systems and networks while increasing the level of service provided to the clients.  Provided client staffing and resource allocation recommendations to accomplish projects identified as positively impacting the clients' budgets. 

Represented multiple clients in the negotiation of communications services contracts.  Conducted executive briefings with city and county managers, university presidents and their cabinets, financial, health care and manufacturing institution vice presidents, and vice presidents within major telephone operating companies.



Higher Education:

Designed an 802.11n wireless local area network for Wellesley College.  This network will create an all-wireless campus.  The wireless design consisted of residence halls, administration buildings, and outside areas.  The design incorporates 860 access points throughout 140 buildings and outside areas. 

Designed, bid and currently managing the installation of an IP telephony system and new Cat6 Cabling for the Community College of Beaver County in Pennsylvania.  A Cisco Call Manager solution will serve both campuses.  The installation project commenced on December, 2008.

Designed, bid and managed the installation of a new Hybrid TDM/IP-Telephony System to replace an aging and no longer supported PBX for Taylor University in Indiana.  The University did not yet have the cabling infrastructure necessary to support a VoIP system so a hybrid system was chosen.  This will provide Taylor University with the flexibility to go VoIP in buildings as the cabling infrastructure is upgraded.

Evaluated the University of New Mexico’s 802.11 wireless infractructure which consists of approximately five hundred access point deployed across the campus.  The evaluation included the use of WTCI’s spectrum analyzer to analyze existing installations for interference issues in both the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands and the use of Ekahau site survey software to check performance of existing installations, dead spots, etc.

Designed, bid and managed the installation of an IP telephony system for the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio.  This system serves 1,800 telephones and utilizes a new 1/10Gbps data network.  The system became operational in Aug-2006.

Designed a campus telecommunications system for Oberlin College in Ohio.  This design includes a new IP/enabled telephone system with voice mail, ACD and hospitality software (for the Oberlin Inn), and a campus cabling distribution system (buried and aerial) to include fiber optic and copper cabling between and within 80 buildings.  Created a comprehensive Information Systems Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan once the new telecommunications system was commissioned.

Designed an 802.11g radio network for Miami University of OH.  This network allows students, faculty, & staff to connect to the College’s network from any location on campus creating an all-wireless campus.  The wireless design consisted of residence halls, administration buildings, and outside areas.  The design incorporates 860 access points throughout 140 buildings and outside areas across 3 campuses.

Designed, bid and managed the installation of an IP Telephone System for the CELL Division of the University of the Virgin Islands.  Designed the cable infrastructure and 802.11(a/b/g) wirelesses for the Harvey Center at the University of the Virgin Islands.  Lead a team of consultants providing a network security review, new network design, and a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan for the University.   

Designed the cabling and 802.11(a/b/g) wireless infrastructure for the West Campus of the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC).  Previously designed the network-cabling infrastructure (voice and data) for the College Office, the Allegheny, North, South and the Boyce campuses (over 7,000 data drops).

Provided oversight and technical advisory services to Shippensburg University during the implementation of a new Nortel PBX. 

Designed an 802.11 backbone radio network for Edinboro University of PA.  This network will be used to connect building LANS in the event that campus fiber is cut or the data center becomes unusable.   

Assisted Education Management Corporation (EDMC) with the procurement of a managed MPLS data and voice network that will serve 66 locations in North America.  This design provides any-any connectivity between educational facilities and aggregated Internet access from the Pittsburgh data center.  It also supports a hot-standby data center in Philadelphia.

Design and bid of a new voice system and cabling infrastructure to serve 1,300 stations for Marietta College in Ohio.  The design supports 33 buildings for voice, data and video distribution.  Conducted a business case analysis for replacing the existing Centrex service prior to the bid process.

Provided technical review and contract negotiations on behalf of the University of the Virgin Islands that resulted in savings of over 25% off the original bid and an increase in wireless and IP Telephony products being offered as part of a PBX Upgrade and expansion project.

Designed a high speed network backbone for Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania.  Assisted in the review of telephone system and long distance services proposals to serve faculty, staff & students.

Provided Wittenberg University with a $12M campus-wide communications systems design that will include moving 2,200 students from Centrex to a University-owned PBX, new outside and inside cable plant to carry voice, data and video on campus, extended fiber optic service to over 100 off-campus houses.  The plan will be implemented over three years (2000-2002).

Provided Northern Michigan University with a cable plant design and project management for the new Glenn T. Seaborg Science Center and renovated West Science Buildings on Campus (1999-2001).  The design also required a new outside cable plant design to accommodate the new construction.  Assisted NMU with the redesign of the Lucent Telephone switch and ancillary systems for year 2000 compliance.

Implementation Management of the $4.5 million Edinboro University/Williams Communications Alliance Project during the summer of 2000.  This project consisted of the wiring of eight residence halls for voice, data and CATV, the installation of a Nortel Meridian PBX, a gigabit local area network built upon a Cisco 6509 Core switch with 4912, 4006 and 4003 edge switches, a CATV Head-End, and the outside cable plant to connect the buildings.  Assisted in the organization and set up of the help desk in addition to the technology.  Created as-built documentation and floor plans for the residence halls and OSP Campus map.

Designed, bid and managed the implementations of the $3.5M Fairmont State College Telecommunications Systems.  The campus distribution system (fiber, copper and coax) will support all voice, data and video communications.  Designed the upgraded telephone system to meet Y2K requirements and assisting in the creation of an information systems strategic plan for the main and remote campuses.   

Designed, bid and managed the implementations of the $1.5M Concord State College Telecommunications Systems.  The campus distribution system (fiber, copper, and coax) will support all voice, data, and video communications.  Currently designing expanded data network to support 2,000 ports on an ATM backbone with switched Ethernet to the desktop.  .  All equipment is being certified as Y2K compliant.

Designed, bid and managed the implementations of the $4.5M Westminster College Telecommunications Systems.  The systems support all voice, data, video and imaging technology for the College.  A new PBX, LAN Electronics, Voice Mail and Interactive Voice Response Systems were implemented in 1994.  A new campus cable system was implemented to connect 20 buildings using over 1,000 fibers and miles of new copper and coax.  Ten multi-media “Smart Classrooms” were designed and implemented in Fall-95.  A Novell-based campus-wide LAN was designed and implementation to bring e-mail and Internet access on-line during 1996. 

Designed and managed the implementation of a $1.5 million cable infrastructure for Bethany College to include outside plant to all buildings, inside plant within eight administrative buildings (2000).  The design provided concrete encased conduits connecting all buildings, single mode and multimode fiber, coax and copper distributions systems.  Created and plotted detailed floor plans detailing the design.

Designed and managed the implementation of a $1.0M video teleconferencing system that supported the administrative and operational requirements of the Department of Education within the US Virgin Islands.  Provided preliminary engineering and network design for an inter-island microwave network.  This assistance included the design of the network, preliminary path profiles and site selection.  This network was eventually installed once funding was acquired.

Designed a satellite downlink and distribution system for the Community College of Allegheny County's Allegheny Campus.  Provided engineering reviews of campus cabling plans for the Allegheny & South Campuses.  The College's plans for supplying advanced communications services to students and faculty depended upon a thorough design.  The review provided additional design considerations and recommendations that would ease the transition between networks.  The design also located the prime location for a new telephone system that was being considered.

Designed and selected a $1.2 million dollar voice and data communications system for the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.   The system design supports 1,400 stations with voice mail, auto attendant, ACD, and an interactive voice response system that interfaces to the student registration system.  The cable plant design supports voice, data and video communications over a hybrid network using copper and fiber optic cables.

Designed and selected a $1.3 million dollar telephone system procurement for the College of Wooster located in Ohio.  This system was designed to accommodate student telephone service and generated a return that paid for the switch within two years.  Redesigned and bid the voice mail system to meet Y2K compliance requirements in 1999 resulting is a 30% reduction in proposed pricing from the manufacturer.

Federal Local & State Government:

Technology Program Manager for the Bayfront Convention Center constructed in Erie, PA in 2007.  Provided all design and installation management services for the converged IP Telephony, data, video and radio systems as well as the interactive web site.

Designed a Cable TV system for the New Wilmington Borough of Pennsylvania.  The system serves a one-square mile region with 1,000 subscribers.  The design included a new head-end facility and all new distribution plant providing premium programming and cable modem service to the Borough.  This system installed for $1,000,000 was sold to Comcast for $2,500,000 one year later.

Designed a new telephone system with integrated voice mail and automated attendant for the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority. 

Designed a new cable infrastructure as part of a $65 million renovation to the US District Courts building in Pittsburgh PA.  In 1999, managed the implementation of our design of a cable distributions system and voice processing system serving the top five floors of the Federal Building constructed in 1931.  The cable distribution system is concrete floor with trenches and holds years of abandoned cable.  The construction of the building is primarily concrete and marble. 

Designed the cable distribution system for the Municipality of Monroeville’s new four-story municipal building.  The design incorporates all voice, data, and video communications including the new E-911 center. 

Provided Butler County Government with an in-depth strategic review of all voice, data, radio, and video communications technologies throughout the County.  We specifically focused on the infrastructure and provision of communications services within and between six major County buildings.  The review included PBX/Centrex, long distance, microwave link analysis and cabling infrastructure analysis.

Provided Butler County Government with Y2K project management services.  We managed the efforts of County employees and departments as they investigated and corrected Y2K related issues.

As an employee of Ernst & Young, conducted an assessment of Wake County (NC) Government’s communications facilities and services.  Our recommendations resulted in a renegotiated Centrex voice contract that served 200+ locations including the schools, multiple implementations of structured cabling systems within new and renovated buildings, and the oversight of the installation of a new computerized criminal justice program for the jail.

As an employee of Ernst & Young, created a Strategic Plan for Communications for the City of Charlotte (NC).  This addressed all voice, data video and public safety radio services and provided recommendations resulting in significant cost and management efficiencies.

As an employee of Ernst & Young, conducted an operations review for the city of Virginia Beach (VA) with recommendations that saved the City over $1M in anticipated expenses for the construction of an 800MHZ public safety radio system.  The radio system was about to be gutted due to cost overruns – our recommendations resulted in the system being installed as engineered and on budget.  Our other recommendations were incorporated into management’s performance evaluation criteria.

Health Care:

Designed a networked telecommunications system for Main Medical, Inc. (Pittsburgh).  Six imaging practices were networked to the headquarters location to facilitate inter-practice dialing and centralized ACD for appointments.

Partnered in a consulting team providing information systems review, strategy and design work for Diakon Lutheran Services located in Central PA.  This review and strategy will result in a new model for provision of information services, improved communications flow and significant cost savings for the organization. 

Developed a functional specification for inbound and outbound call centers for the West Penn Allegheny Health System in Pittsburgh, PA.  The call center technology will be used to enhance patient scheduling, Patient Finance, Employee Benefits and Human resources functions within the combined health system.  The systems will provide Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) with screen-pop technology and automated outbound call origination to remind patients of upcoming appointments.

Assisted St Francis Health System in the planning for the implementation of a Blue Cross/Blue Shield payment network.  The browser-based system provides physicians and hospitals to access billings, payments, and patient histories in real-time using the Internet Explorer browser over dedicated frame relay data connections. 

Assisted Allegheny General Hospital, a subsidiary of the Allegheny Health, Education & Research Foundation (AHERF) in the implementation of a $5.5M, 5,000 port telephone system with ancillary systems to support voice mail, interactive voice response, digital paging, physician directory, automated call distribution, and billing systems.  This implementation management assistance included the coordination of multiple vendors and the integration of products into an integrated system solution.

Reviewed and implemented changes in 43 physician practices owned by the Allegheny Integrated Health Group, (another subsidiary of AHERF) to bring them into standard compliance with the parent company's standards for voice and data communications.

Responsible for the implementation of new voice and data communications systems for Forbes Regional Hospital.  Assistance included the design, specification and evaluation of a new telephone system and cable distribution plant to carry voice, data and video.

Assisted Community Care Behavioral Health, a subsidiary of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in their relocation to Chatham Center.  The new company implemented computer-telephone integration and Primary rate interface circuits to provide "screen-pop" customer service to subscribers.

Assisted Partners in Health, a subsidiary of UPMC, in the redesign and management of a multiple location call center.  Three practices implemented centralized attendant services to provide patient appointment scheduling and billing using high capacity circuits for integrated voice/data connectivity.

Provided implementation assistance to HealthPlus of Michigan during their expansion and relocation to new facilities in Flint, Michigan.  This assistance included designing the voice and data network between facilities and providing guidance on the cabling required for the new facility.


Currently managing the construction of a new jet hanger for Heinz at the Pittsburgh International Airport.  Recently managed the relocation of all IT assets and networks from the existing H. J. Heinz World Headquarters in the USX Tower to the PPG Building #1 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Previously designed and managed the implementation of a new PBX, Voice Mail and Cable Distribution System for the current headquarters in the USX Tower.  Heinz was a Centrex customer and occupied two floors of the USX Tower that has a floor trench distribution system for cable.  The amount of abandoned cable in the trenches required the new PBX to be cut onto existing wiring.  The floors were then broken into sections with all old cable being removed and replaced with new Cat-5 wire.  Four new rooms were designed and constructed (MDF and IDFs), and new network Electronics for data distribution were bid and installed during this project.  All equipment is being certified as Y2K compliant.  Managed the implementation of the new Heinz Executive Conference Room, a multi-media room with extensive video and data communications capabilities.

Developed the design and installation management of a four site MPLS data network and four new telephone switches for the Meadville Forging Company.  Surveyed each facility for 802.11b/g wireless local area networking within the plants.   

Managed the efforts of the transition of Armco Steel’s communication technology and networks to the new owners (AK Steel).  This effort involves PBX, LAN, and WAN technology transition planning and implementations across the national network.

Design/Bid/Implementation Management for four new telephone systems to be connected via MPLS networking for the Meadville Forging Company.  Previously provided a technology review that addressed voice and data at four MFC plants located in PA, VA and NC.  Also currently designing the 802.11(g) network that will support the inventory management of materials used in the manufacturing process.

Provided a nationwide long distance bid and analysis for voice and data services for AK Steel.  Our bid services resulted in annual savings in excess of $200,000 for voice and frame relay services.

Provided the implementation management of a major PBX and cabling upgrade at the Butler Plant of AK Steel.  In addition, we are managing the upgrade of all voice mail systems at all Armco facilities for Y2K compliance. 

Designed and managed the implementation of a new PBX, Voice Mail and Cable Distribution System for Heinz World Headquarters legal staff when they moved to the CNG Tower in Pittsburgh, PA.  All voice and data systems were designed to operate seamlessly with the new systems installed at World Headquarters in 1998.  All equipment is being certified as Y2K compliant.

Designed and bid the voice processing system and network for Kvaerner Metals in Pittsburgh, PA.  As a result of our efforts, Kvaerner Metals installed a new Cat-5 and Fiber distribution system, New PBX and new network connections for local and long distance communications.  An alternative local dial tone provider and an alternative long distance provider were selected resulting in over $200,000 savings annually.

Designed and managed the implementation of a new communications systems including PBX, Voice mail, and call center (ACD) for Calgon Corporation’s headquarters in Pittsburgh.  Additionally, two additional plant locations were upgraded for voice, data and cabling.  Designed and implemented a new microwave system for local telco bypass in one location.

Responsible for the relocation of all technology from AK Steel’s Parsippany NJ headquarters to new offices located in Pittsburgh.  This assistance includes the design of new voice, data and video systems and cable distribution plant for the new location as well as the coordination of the transfer of existing equipment and special circuits.  Prior to the relocation, negotiated a tenant service contract for Armco Advanced Materials Corporation's Headquarters located in Parsippany, NJ.  The contract negotiations provided the client with significant protection and a 32% discount from their previous contract.

Provided Wide Area Network (WAN) marketing analysis to a major communications equipment-manufacturing concern.  Provided market forecasts and technology requirements for WAN products to be introduced in the 1995-1996 time frame.  As a result, the manufacturer has revisited engineering and marketing plans to alter their targets. 

Cultural, Professional & Financial Services:

Created a strategic plan for voice, data and wide area networking for the Pittsburgh Cultural District.  The District includes all the fine arts organizations located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Recently designed and managed the implementation of a new telephone system with voice mail and ACD for the Pittsburgh Symphony, Inc.  This new system replaces a Centrex service with a digital PBX with integrated features and digital sets in the historic Heinz Hall.

Completed a project working with Citizens National Bank to review voice over frame relay technology between branches.  This design is intended to provide the bank with enhanced services over an integrated network.

Provided a nationwide long distance bid and analysis for voice and data services for Development Dimensions International (DDI).  Our bid services resulted in annual savings in excess of $100,000 for voice services.  Also provided strategic assistance with Y2K compliance issues.

Designed a digital communications network for a financial institution in Western Pennsylvania.  This network combined all Terminal and Money Access Machine (MAC) traffic between the Operations Center and the branches.  The resulting design provided increased transmission speeds, lower error rates, significant cost reductions and the ability for the bank to switch their traffic to a "hot-site" should their computers fail.

Conducted an environmental impact study for a bank that was considering the implementation of a satellite communications link for disaster recovery.  The study addressed the risks of human exposure to non-ionizing radiation and provided the bank with guidelines for minimizing health risks.

Designed and procured a $600,000 seven-node CCIS networked system for Avondale Bank in Chicago, Illinois that incorporated their administrative voice and data communications in a T-1 loop network.  The loop design provides alternate routing capabilities to minimize network outages.


Implemented a nationwide digital communications network for Northwest Airline's reservations network.  This network has become the backbone for the airline's telephone reservations function as well as the data communications transmission network.  This implementation was performed under tight time constraints and required the management of client and consulting personnel as well as the personnel of four major telecommunications vendors. 

K-12 Education:

Successfully partnered with SEI to provide an independent review of the Valley School of Ligonier’s technology infrastructure, equipment and strategy for moving forward.  The review included the cabling and wireless infrastructures, pathways and spaces, environmental considerations, network architecture and equipment, servers/storage, network security, web and wide area network connectivity, and web presence.  Generated a report that provided a high level analysis.  The analysis provided specific recommendations for changes and the anticipated costs associated with each.

Designed the cable distribution system for the Lawrence County Vo-Tech in New Castle PA.  Currently assisting the Laurel School District in the design and procurement of an integrated PBX and voice mail system to serve all facilities.

Laurel School District (PA)   Designed a voice, data and video distribution system for the Elementary School.   Designed an integrated telephone system to meet the needs of the District.

Wake County Schools (NC)   Designed a cable distribution system for various school buildings and renegotiated the Centrex contract for the entire County Government including the Schools.

City of Virginia Beach Schools  Designed a cable distribution system for various school buildings and renegotiated the Centrex contract for the entire County Government including the Schools

Connellsville School District (PA)   Outside Design Consultant subcontracted by a data systems integrator to provide analysis of telephone system and wide area network for cost savings. 

State College Area School District (PA)   Outside Design Consultant subcontracted by a data systems integrator to provide analysis of telephone system and wide area network for cost savings. 

Other Significant Projects:

Provided cost estimates for the co-location of an E-911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with a regional medical service provider.  This project included the provision of estimates for renovations, equipment, and utilities.  The cost estimates were then used by the service provider to bid on the co-location contract offered by the City of Erie, PA.

Managed a team of seven professionals working on the documentation and training materials for a newly developed Force Management System that works in conjunction with the nation's first networked ACD system based on the Northern Telecom DMS-100 Central Office Switch and SS7 networking implemented by Bell Atlantic and the C&P Telephone Company.  Lead the same group of professionals in the delivery of the training to 31 telephone company offices.  This was a $23M project for Bell.

Managed the redesign of a voice and data network serving an 85-store retail chain and its parent company.  The redesign implemented satellite communications for data and software defined network for the voice traffic.  This engagement provided the corporation with the ability to reduce costs by $250,000 per year and also to upgrade network response times during a recessionary period.

END-USER EXPERIENCE  American Electric Power Service Corporation - Columbus, Ohio

Design, construction, and renovation of a 150 site, eight-state private microwave communications network.  This included path profiles, site selection, building and tower design, equipment selection, FCC licensing, and construction management.

Implementation of an integrated telephone network serving 150 locations via the microwave network.  This network provided 25,000 employees with a unified dial network that minimized long distance calling costs through the use of the microwave system and volume discount plans.  Received technical certification on the NEC IMS telephone system.

Impact studies based upon the prevailing federal, state, and local regulatory climate.  Acted as the liaison between AEPSC and the Utilities Telecommunications Council in Washington, DC.


  • Master of Science Leadership and Information Technology            (in process) – Duquesne University – Pittsburgh, PA

  • MBA course work, University of Dayton - Columbus, Ohio

  • BABA/Finance, Capital University - Columbus, Ohio

  • ASEE, Youngstown State University

  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)

  • Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP).

  • Registered Communications Distribution Designer - Outside Plant Specialist (RCDD-OSP) – BICSI

  • Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Fundamentals

  • Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Site Survey

  • Advanced Management Practices - Ernst & Young

  • Orchestrating Team Performance - Ernst & Young

  • Hands-on T-1 - American Institute

  • Microwave System Engineering Practices - Farinon Corp.

  • Hands-on Local Area Networks - BCR

  • Hands-on Bridges & Routers

  • NEC Telephone Systems Installation & Maintenance - GTE


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  • “Deploying 802.11n Wireless @ Wellesley College” ACUTA  Annual Conference April, 2009.

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  • "Strategic Planning for Telecommunications, Wide Area Network Technologies" Carnegie Mellon University H. John Heinz III School of Public Administration. This lecture has been updated and given twice per year 1990-2005.

  • Board Member, Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Executive Education Management Game 1989-Present.


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