Miami University of Ohio
Oxford, OH

To Whom It May Concern:

Ron Walczak and his staff worked under our supervision during the implementation of Miami Universityís Wireless Network Project from August 2004, through January, 2005. This project deployed approximately eight hundred 802.11 wireless network access points on Miamiís Oxford, Hamilton and Middletown campuses. These campuses include over 100 buildings, many of which are historical and difficult to work in along with several outside common areas. His teamís responsibilities included developing a University Standard for conducting wireless site surveys and implementing this procedure in all buildings of our three campuses. This required daily interface with all levels of university faculty, staff and students. While at our campuses Ron and his staff displayed the highest level of professionalism and worked with minimal supervision.

We were quite impressed by Ronís ability to complete all phases of the project on time, typically before scheduled deadlines. His attention to detail and ability to recognize existing communications conveyance structures had substantial positive impact on the project. He demonstrated great flexibility in responding to evolving wireless coverage standards required by the University. The documentation provided by the team was outstanding in the planning phase as well as the final as-builts and database submittals.

Overall, Walczak Technologies is a very conscientious and capable company and will certainly be considered for future communications system project work. We strongly recommend Walczak Technologies for projects of this type.


Tom Clark
Network Installation Specialist

Tim Gruenhagenss
Manager of Data Communications and Networking

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