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To Whom It May Concern:

Ron Walczak, principal of Walczak consultants, provided Information Technology leadership and advice during the move of the H.J. Heinz Company's World Headquarters staff which was completed on March 3, 2008 after approximately 9 months of construction. Ron was formally engaged by Shirley Weinstein, Heinz's Director of Global Information Services, while I was overall project leader.

Ron is a skilled and focused technical expert with a broad perspective on larger projects. He has impeccable ethical standards and is a pragmatist who is goal oriented. Importantly, he is also a hands-on manager who steps in when necessary to lead by example.

The IT portion of the project encompassed the full spectrum of technology from high tech conference rooms with teleconferencing capability, wireless and cabled Internet connectivity and a telecommunications network for approximately 225 employees and consultants. The project was delivered on-time and below budget. Ron played a key role in not only ensuring quality and timely installation of the various systems but also supplementing our interaction with various technicians and subcontractors involved in the project. Importantly, Ron's role expanded to involve other areas as required, keeping his direct responsibility and other teams on track in accordance with Management's objectives in a seamless manner. Additionally, he also successfully motivated underperforming subcontractors to encourage them to meet our common goal. Importantly, upon completion, he received favorable comments from all concerned, especially the general contractor.

Ron has consulted for us in the past and once again did an exceptional job for us. We will hire him again if there is a project requiring outside IT project management skills. We highly recommend him for your job and would be pleased to discuss it with you.

Sincerely yours,

John Runkel    Vice President Business Services (412) 456-6034



I am impressed with the breadth of Ron's skills. His mixture of engineering knowledge, business acumen, professionalism, and related experiences has been very beneficial to Heinz. He also brings a keen eye to the critical task of large-scale project management and its very important cost and schedule control issues.

As Heinz World Headquarters moves forward with the other initiatives related to communications technologies, my intent is to utilize Ron's unique mix of talents wherever advantageous to do so. I would recommend him without hesitation to any other organization in a similar situation.

Yours truly,

Daniel J. Kambic
Manager Information Systems
H. J. Heinz World Headquarters

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