Fairmont State College
New Wilmington, PA

Farimont State is a college of approximately 6,500 students, comprising three campuses. The networking project related primarily to the main campus, which consists of a dozen major buildings spread over 90 acres. Needless to say, the College's interaction with Walczak Technology Consultants has been very positive. I have found Ron to be an effective communicator and current in the knowledge of his field. He possesses the ability to interact with diverse groups, particularly as it relates to a campus community.

One facet of Mr. Walczak's services that I particularly appreciated was his emphasis on contract management. He is not bashful in expressing his views when decisions are made that are counter-productive to contract completion. His comments, however, are always presented in an unobtrusive manner.

Frederick W. Schaupp
Vice President for
Administration and Finance

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