Wake County
North Carolina

Designed and specified an interactive voice response (IVR) system for the County of Wake, in North Carolina. The IVR supports the County's Land Use and Building Inspections Division by permitting constituents and inspectors access to mainframe-based information.

Designed a 500 node local area network (LAN) for the County of Wake, in North Carolina. The LAN will supports a 5-story building with 500 PC's and terminals using Token Ring architecture.

Provided the County of Wake, North Carolina with strategic and tactical planning for all aspects of information flow including voice, data, video and radio communications. The strategic planning engagement included assessments of current technologies and networks as well as current organizational structures and policies. In concurrence with the strategic planning, provided organizational reviews and recommendations that supported the resulting strategies.

Bid a 4,800 telephone network serving 240+ buildings including all the County k-12 schools. Designed universal wiring infrastructure for the County Building, Public Safety Building, Department Of Health and Human Service Building and Numerous Schools.

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