U.S. Federal Courts
Pittsburgh, PA

Completely redesigned the communications cabling distribution for the ten story US District Court Building in Pittsburgh, PA. The building is currently undergoing a 5-year $65 million renovation that is being staged on a floor by floor basis. Our design and project management efforts include identifying and managing a strategy to identify and protect existing communications cabling to prevent disruption of services as each floor is gutted.

Previously designed a new telephone system with voice mail and cable distribution system for the US District Courts in Pittsburgh. The courts occupy six floors of a 67 year-old building with concrete floors and plaster ceilings. Cable trenches were small and full. The Courts were using a key system served by Centrex. Recently installed data cabling was found to be incapable of carrying high speed data during our initial review. Our finding prevented the court from installing an ATM switch that woiuld have resulted in a network failure. The new telephone system and integrated voice mail will bring all users digital telephone features and access to advanced networking including ISDN and caller ID.

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